Baxter’s 4th Arkansas Mounted Infantry, USA

Batesville, Arkansas





Marcus Philo Sipe



Marcus Philo Sipe was born: 26 Oct 1835 in Catawba County, North Carolina

Died: 18 Nov 1864, in Anderson Township, Izard County, Arkansas. He was the eldest son of Jacob P. Sipe Jr. and Caroline Yount.

Marcus enlisted at Batesville in Co. C, 27th Arkansas Confederate Infantry, July 22, 1862, listed as sick in hospital at Monroe, Louisiana Aug. 1, 1863, transferred to hospital at Little Rock after Aug. 1.

Marcus enlisted at Batesville in Co. D, 4th Arkansas Mounted Infantry, USA, January 1, 1864. Served as Corporal.

He Married Evaline Blue, having three children: William Sipe born:20 Jan 1860 in Izard County, Arkansas, John D. Sipe, born: Nov 1862 in Anderson Township, Izard County, Arkansas, Sarah J. Sipe, born:1864 in Anderson Township Izard County, Arkansas.


Marcus’ brother, Rufus Monroe Sipe, enlisted in the 27th Arkansas Confederate Infantry, Aug. 11, 1862, Deserted, Sept. 10, 1863. Rufus enlisted in Co. D, 4th Arkansas Mounted Infantry, USA

Jan. 1, 1864 as did brothers, Franklin, William and Jacob.


     Story told, to Joy Sipe by a Grandson of Jacob Sipe.


  “Marcus was a Corporal in ( Cpt. Moses Ford Co.) 4th.Arkansas in the Civil War. He had came home from the war and knewn the Jayhawkers were searching for him . He had hidden out but on this Morning 18 Nov 1864, his wife Evaline Blue took him his breaksfast and Marcus went into the Blue Church Cemetery in Lafferty Creek to eat, the Jayhawkers had followed him and they could only see the back side of his neck and they shot and killed him . Later when he was found they said he still had his thumb in the handle of his coffee cup .

One mouth later on 18 Dec 1864,The Jayhawkers went to Marcus's father's house, (Jacob Sipe Jr.) Jacob Sipe Jr. and one son was upstairs in bed sick. The Jayhawkers didn't bother the sick ones but, they took his son Jacob Pickney, born:1844 and his son William Sidney, born:1842, out across the small creek East of the house and shot both of them in the back. A neighbor boy George Caraway age 8, was playing on the creek and saw it happen . It was up to the women in the family to get the two boys and carry them into the house, because Jacob Sipe Jr. was to ill.

Another son Elkannah put on a bed cap and gown and jumped into bed with his father Jacob, they thought he was a girl and left him alone.”




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